First Steps

Well I have started really getting ready for the trip. Last week I ordered visitors guides for Alabama (we may add Mobile as a stop), Louisiana  (New Orleans), Texas (San Antonio), Oklahoma (Staying with Johns brother) , Missouri (St. Louis), Illinois (Staying with our so in Rockford BUT may decide to go to Chicago a day early on the way back and see the sights) and Tennessee (Memphis & Nashville). I also ordered 2 maps from Amazon one for the Midwest and the other of the whole US so that we can mark bus stops and decide for sure this is the route we want to take before start looking for hotels. I have talked with Megabus several times and it looks like our best option for comfort as well as a place for John to keep his feet up will be to book 4 seats at the front table for each leg of our trip. With 4 seats we can carry his rolling walker (counted as a piece of luggage) and up to 3 more checked bags (I think we can do it in our 1 large rolling bag and washing as we go) because we will be walking or taking public transportation at most of the stops. Once we get our final route I will start looking for suggestions of places to stay that are close to the stops and contacting hotels to look for discounts. I am entering every contest I can find to try and work on food gift cards, free rooms, fun things to do anything I can find to do. SO if you have any connections in any of these places we would LOVE the help. We plan on traveling somewhere in September or early October (cool enough for John to be able to walk and not overheat (and I hear the busses can be hot) but not freezing) it depends on what his brother has planned (he is a super busy).


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