Excited and a Call from the Transplant Hopsital

I am excited we have started getting travel books from different states we want to visit so I will see if they come with maps and mark where the bus will stop and look at transportation and places to stay close by. We have an appointment on the 18th at Emory to talk with the transplant doctor so we will know more than but I hope that we will still be a go for this fall even if he has surgery this summer. If not I guess one thing I will be looking for is help with lodging and expenses (yes you get your own fund-raising help from the hospital)

We are back from Emory (after getting lost even thought we had TWO GPS lol). The transplant doctor said that what they plan on doing is a MRI to get a baseline then blood work and another MRI every 6 months as long as he is doing well. He gets NO MORE red meat because it causes the ammonia levels to rise and told him to take zinc. So as of now we are taking it 6 months as a time so we will try to schedule the next one in October even though that will be 7 or the first week in September before we want to leave. His MELD score is 12 and she told us that till it gets to 15 or 16 they won’t do anything more than observe him after that things will go pretty fast and maybe go on the list.

Right now we will be focused more on his blood sugar numbers and getting them down and his A1C under control. I think he has finally decided that it’s time to get with the program and follow the rules so we will all be going red meatless and eating much healthier. I am also going to apply for a scholarship for a membership to the local YMCA so we can maybe get into some exercise classes and start working out. I also want to try to get a deck around the pool so that he can get in and out of the pool so we can enjoy it like we haven’t been able to do since we got it.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers keep them up

John has an appointment for the 23rd for his MRI at Emory then 6 more months and doing it all over.



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