Letter of Request

This is a letter that if anyone knows someone who might help us out you can copy and paste and send. Thanks


My name is Mary Worley from Cleveland Ga and my husband and I are planning a bucket list trip this fall. This is the web address of my blog about our trip https://bucketlistroadtripblog.wordpress.com/  and I plan to video blog along with this as we go.

My husband has been diagnosed with end stage liver disease caused from Hepatitis C that we think he probably got while working as an EMT. We are going this week to visit a doctor at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta GA about being put on the transplant list but in the meantime we are working on his and my bucket list as he can.

We want to visit our youngest who moved to Rockford Illinois this last December so we are going to try to do a Megabus trip to visit them. What I would love to be able to do is since traveling is hard on him to go in stages and stop for a couple of days in several places along the way to see places we have never visited. Our dream trip will be leaving Atlanta to Chicago where we will spend a few days after visiting Rockford to stay with our son for a little while. On the way back we will go to Nashville for a few days so he can visit the Grand Old Opry and other country music places (and I want to see the Parthenon at the park).

We would like to spend at least 2 days at each of the stops so that will be a good many hotel nights and in some places we may have to stay 3 so we can get the cheaper travel prices on the bus. We are looking for help with rooms and food of any kind (as long as everything is available on the public transportation lines since we won’t have a car and getting around is hard for John.

If you could be of any help we would be greatly appreciative and will make sure that I let everyone know on the blog what help we got. We live on John’s disability and with this new development of going to the transplant doctor we will have a hard time-saving enough for all the days plus food and the rooms. My email is msmary@windstream.net if anyone would like to get in touch with me and you can read about us on the blog.


John Worley Mary Worley

John and Mary Worley


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