It’s Been a Rough Few Days (updated)

John has had some pretty rough days over the last week but the doctor discontinued one of his new meds since it was probably what was making him sick. His ammonia levels have been up but since there is nothing I can’t do here we have just been working with it and getting it back down. He has been much better today and we went and picked up the car at the shop where it was getting tuned up.

He has had 2 good days no nausea and he is himself again. I took the vitamins away and will go a week with nothing new then add one back at a time for a week to see if he gets sick again if not it was definitely the Aldactone.

John has continued to improve and even gotten out in the yard a couple of times (we have to be super careful he doesn’t fall not only for the usual reasons but his platelets are low so he will bleed a lot and his spleen is enlarged from the liver damage and injury to that could be fatal). His meds are finally getting back in sync so that is helping and just being able to get out of the house helps him a LOT. Thanks for the continued support and any help with our trip anyone might be able to give. 4/6



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