Change in Plans (Take 1)

After much looking I have decided to change our route a bit and the stops. We will still go to New Orleans from Atlanta (we will stay 3 days in NOLA just for bus scheduling and seeing more things) then to Houston TX and straight from there to Dallas. We want to spend a couple of days there before John’s brother comes to get us or even go visit my cousin who lives close to Fort Worth before going on to Oklahoma. After we visit there for a while we will go on to Chicago then Rockford to visit our son then when we leave there stay a couple of nights in Chicago. The last leg of our journey will take us to Nashville TN where I HOPE to be able to get a hotel for several days so John can go visit the Grand Ole Opry and see all the country music sights. Nashville will be a harder place to plan since rooms are SO expensive and the bus not so prevalent leading to having to stay right on the main drag in town.

I have tried looking for time share rentals that might be more affordable than rooms but most of them are for a week although a week in Nashville would probably be fun. I decided to move Chattanooga to another trip since it is so close and we can go there in two days spending one night camping if we want. Thanks for everyone who has given me feedback and for any help anyone can be even if it is for unused good gift cards or things like that.


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