Change in Plans (Take 2, or nothing is set in stone)

Because of some issues we won’t be going to visit John’s brother this trip we will make it a separate trip later. Or even several trips maybe to NOLA and back for a few days then to see his brother in a straight out there trip.

SO folks it looks like as of now we will Leave Atlanta around 6am on September the 24th and arrive in Chicago on the 25th at 9:15am. From Chicago we will take a bus or train or be picked up or probably a combination of them to get to Rockford IL to stay with our son and his girlfriend through October the 3rd. On the 3rd we will get back to Chicago and hope to stay at least 2 days and do some sight-seeing since neither of us have ever been. On the 5th we will leave from Chicago at 8:50am headed to Nashville where we will arrive around 6:20pm. John has so many things he want’s to do in Nashville that we hope to stay from the 5th till the 8th then back to Atlanta.

These at least the frist part going to Rockford are unchangeable since they are going to try to get a day or two off when we are there. The others not so much depending on how much we have and the discounts we can use to get our rooms. Thanks for following me and John on our trip.


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