Gooooooooooo Nashville!!!

We have had such great luck with folks in Nashville from a discounted hotel to help with meals (nothing yet with tickets to sights though) that I am adjusting when we get to Nashville. We were going to get to Chicago on the 3rd and leave on the 5th and get to Nashville around 6:30 pm on the same day but doing that we will miss a whole day of sight seeing. SO, instead we are going to leave on the 4th around 12 am (I know but I checked and the area is safe at night where the bus leaves from) and arrive around 10:30 am and have the whole day to sight see.

I haven’t had any luck with hotel discounts in Chicago yet so we may have to cut it down to 1 night and just get there early that day and sight see the whole day and the day waiting for the bus to leave that night. That will give us 2 days of sight seeing and that will work since we have to limit what we do to save money. We are both super excited and John keeps on me to make a schedule so he can see what we are doing when LOL. I don’t think The Grand Ole Opry will be in the cards this trip though it is just to expensive counting the taxi you would have to take to get there since it is past the bus line. I will keep sending emails and looking for deals so wish me luck!!! Talk to everyone later love you


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