Yard Sale (time to raise some money)

I am getting things together for our yard sale and have posted quite a few things on Facebook to sell. I have paid for the bus tickets, the hotel in Chicago for 1 night (still working on the 2nd) and the hotel in Nashville for 3 nights and have a gift card I won that will pay for almost all of the last night. 

I am hoping that the sale and for sale stuff will cover the last night in Chicago the bus from there to Rockford and back *$88* and give us money for food and to take our son and his girlfriend out to eat and see some sites in Rockford. 

I ordered an inflatable bed sent so our son and he is supposed to be getting sheets and pillows (I sent him links to the sheets at Wal-Mart so he knows what to get). I started sorting things into bags (I still have to borrow one since we found 1 at the Habitat resale shop and got it for $1.50 and I got a backpack cooler from 31 at Goodwill for $4 I think it was) and organizing what we have and still need to get. 

I just pulled 4 bags of clothes from my closet, most of the clothes are new or like new just way shorter than I like to wear. I am also going through shoes so will have a bag of them for the yard sale also. I have just been going from room to room and saying “do I need this” and if not in the pile it goes. 


Wish me luck!!!!


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