Paranormal Adventures

I am looking for information on places we can visit (easy to get to, not to many stairs, not posted so we might get shot for trespassing lol) this year that are haunted or have some type of paranormal twist to them. If you know of places PLEASE comment with them and I will try to research and find out about them.

Our car is not great so this fall I would LOVE to plan a trip around the North Georgia/edges of North Carolina and South Carolina trip where we pack up the car with the tent and stuff and just go from place to place investigating them heck we’ll even be on the lookout for Bigfoot while we are out. . If you had a crazy uncle who was into this kind of thing and had equipment they left behind that you don’t need we would love to have a couple of voice recorders, EMF meters and anything else (no idea what the novice paranormal investigators have lol).

I have reached out and will reach out to some Destination America shows to see if they have any suggestions. I am also looking for any books and have asked The Gainesville Times about an insert they had a few years ago about haunted places in North Georgia.

SO if you know anything, have anything, think anything or just want to comment let us know. Thanks


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