Anniversary Trip!

I have been talking to the owner of The Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington and we have reservations for the 13th and 14th. That weekend will also be the Mule Day and looks like a lot of fun. It should be cool enough that weekend where John will do ok getting our and about, I did talk to the visiting nurse about us asking the doctor for a transport wheelchair for trips like this where he might not feel like walking so we don’t have to miss things just due to this. They have quite a few historic sites a battlefield and several museums we may try to visit and some even have their share of ghost also. Depending on how John feels, the weather and finances we will see.

We have a great deal from the owners of the hotel but I have sent out several emails and facebook messages to restaurants in the area but have not gotten any response from them about discounts or whatever so I will keep trying. I just wanted to let everyone know we are working hard on our trip and starting to get things together for the yardsale to help raise funds.


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