Dallas TX. (maybe later)


I have ordered visitors guides and maps for all the states we will be visiting, can’t wait to start really looking for places to stay, transportation routes and things to do. Feel free to offer advice, do’s and do not’s, and if you have connections to help with places to stay/things to do or eat let us know. Thanks!

This is where we will have to be picked up to get to Oklahoma (for some reason going to Oklahoma cost on average of $100 more no matter what you are traveling in lol). IF we can afford it (come on guys help us out) we would love to spend a day or two here and see the sights either on the way to OK or on the way to St Louis (yes we have to leave OK and come to Dallas to get to St Louis. I would love to be able to take the train from Oklahoma to Chicago but that would cost as much as the those trip just for that run so it won’t happen but we can wish.

Dallas has a transit system with trains, busses, all types of things that we will be close to when we get off the bus. When we figure out where we will be staying I will figure out a schedule and order passes. http://www.dart.org/

The Megabus stop is located at “There are two megabus.com stops available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The megabus.com stop for arrivals and departures in downtown Dallas is located at the DART East Transfer Center, 330 North Olive Street. megabus.com services will arrive and depart from docks H and I. No personal cars are allowed on the property and are subject to being ticketed and/towed for any violation of this. The megabus.com stop for arrivals and departures in Grand Prairie is located at 710 Davis St. An indoor waiting area and restrooms are available.” We should be coming into the one at the DART center so we will have access right there to the public transportation. Suggestions of hotels would be welcome as well as any help with discounts, nights, etc. Also places to eat that will be affordable and on the DART.