New Orleans LA. (Definitely a trip of it’s own)


I have ordered visitors guides and maps for all the states we will be visiting, can’t wait to start really looking for places to stay, transportation routes and things to do. Feel free to offer advice, do’s and do not’s, and if you have connections to help with places to stay/things to do or eat let us know. Thanks!

New Orleans rapid transit (the bus stops at a street car stop so we can take one to where we will be staying) NORTA (New Orleans Transit)

The Megabus drop off is located at “All arrivals and departures are located at the Union Passenger Terminal (UPT), 1001 Loyola St., New Orleans. Car drop off and pick up is available. Parking is available nearby through Standard Parking ( and is strictly enforced. City transit is available to/ from the French Quarter by RTA street car (NORTA (New Orleans Transit))” This is at the trolley line so we can go most anywhere. I would love any help/suggestions on somewhere to stay within easy access of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter so it will be easy for John to get around. I will do my best to get us their early morning or during the day so we are not running around town after dark. I know food will be a little tricky since most everywhere is expensive but I seem to remember a grocery store downtown and the French market so maybe those will work.