Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg (Anniversary Trip maybe 2019)


I plan on starting work on the trip for maybe February/March or even in October for our next anniversary. I will probably work on earlier as it is hard to plan that far ahead with John’s problems and we are trying to travel while he can.

I entered a contest with Westgate Resorts and am trying to win 2 nights in Gatlinburg resort and if you have time I would love for you to go rally the votes by clicking the link and sharing. Here is the link (we are in 2nd place but they draw from the first so many places I think) contest link to click on thanks. I will start working on things to do and a few more nights because renting a car for just 2 days and driving that far would be silly.

We would love getting to go back to Dollywood since we went there after we got married, also go to see some of those shows they have there. Right now we are waiting for the group to come fix our floor in March so all our money has gone to this and the other things that happened before that.


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