The Megabus

I have been talking with Megabus online and they have given me quite a few great suggestions about making the trip more comfortable for John. I think our best bet is going to be booking the 4 seats at the front table so he can keep his feet up on the seat across from him or we will bring the folding stool and it will give us more room to spread out and enjoy the ride. The 4 seats will also give us 4 pieces of stowed luggage and the rolling walker will be 1 piece. There is no way we will carry that much probably only our big rolling bag, the rolling walker, our backpacks to carry on with us (food, water, electronics and medications) and maybe one smaller bag with other things. Megabus online

Ok here is a tentative list of stops and how much it will cost to get between them, with Megabus you can only order tickets so far ahead so the prices can go up or down since it will be in September and the day of the week or even the time you leave changes it. It some instances depending on room cost it may be cheaper to stay a day extra rather than pay the more expensive transportation cost.

Atlanta – New Orleans $29-$45

New Orleans – San Antonio $18-$24

San Antonio – Dallas $8-$20

Dallas – St. Louis $44-$65

St. louis – Chicago $24-$40

Chicago – Chattanooga $40-$60

Chattanooga – Nashville $25-$35

Nashville – Atlanta $30-$40

These are cost as of the end of April, I haven’t seen their prices go up or down that much other than by the day of the week or around holidays so hopefully they will fall within these I listed. These are for 4 tickets at the front table so John will have plenty of room to keep his feet up and to stretch out. These may change since this is our “wish” list of stops it just all depends on how much help we can get on rooms at the stops. I plan on looking at transit maps and find out what hotels are on the lines. We will be staying with relatives in Oklahoma and Rockford so that leaves New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas, St Louis, Chicago, Chattanooga and Nashville. At 2 days each stop that will be 14 rooms unless we have to manage them around the cheaper transportation rates.

We had a start on the bus cost but with John’s doctors appointment in Atlanta at Emory we have added expenses of a room, gas, food for that. The good thing is we have time because I can’t order tickets till July so we are finding things to sell to use.