More maybe destinations close to home

I just got done reading a book called Ghosts of Atlanta: Phantoms of the Phoenix City (Haunted America) by Reese Christian (author)   and found a few places we would love to try and visit. The top ones are Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville GA , The Ellis Hotel in Atlanta GA, Stone Mountain Village, Gaither Plantation in Newton County Ga, and The Fox Theater in Atlanta GA.

I have found quite a few places off toward the West like Rock Hill and some obscure places that sound like fun that could be done as a daily drive. Everything just depends as usual on cost, how John is feeling and things like that so we will see. I am going to start contacting places and also start working on the trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for next year (early part before summer gets here and it is hot).


Anniversary Trip!

I have been talking to the owner of The Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington and we have reservations for the 13th and 14th. That weekend will also be the Mule Day and looks like a lot of fun. It should be cool enough that weekend where John will do ok getting our and about, I did talk to the visiting nurse about us asking the doctor for a transport wheelchair for trips like this where he might not feel like walking so we don’t have to miss things just due to this. They have quite a few historic sites a battlefield and several museums we may try to visit and some even have their share of ghost also. Depending on how John feels, the weather and finances we will see.

We have a great deal from the owners of the hotel but I have sent out several emails and facebook messages to restaurants in the area but have not gotten any response from them about discounts or whatever so I will keep trying. I just wanted to let everyone know we are working hard on our trip and starting to get things together for the yardsale to help raise funds.

Secret Anniversary Trip!!!

Ok folks I am working on surprising John with a trip on the 13th and 14th of October (our 32nd anniversary is on the 14th a Friday this year). I am planning on the 2 nights at The Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington Ga (as seen on the page with the same name) there will be a mule day and they have a couple of old houses you can visit and a battlefield.

I will be sending a letter to the chamber and visitors center to see what they to share with us about goings on and maybe contacting some local restaurants to see if maybe we could get some help with meals. If you would like to be added to the Facebook event let me know and I will do it.


John has joined me in ItWorks so we will BOTH be working toward bigger and better trips. I know it will take a while but I think it will be work it.

I am going to concentrate on the Savannah trip to start so if anyone has suggestions, ideas, links to follow, connections to free or reduced: lodging, food, ghost tours, carriage rides, activities, anything let me know. Thanks

Paranormal Adventures

I am looking for information on places we can visit (easy to get to, not to many stairs, not posted so we might get shot for trespassing lol) this year that are haunted or have some type of paranormal twist to them. If you know of places PLEASE comment with them and I will try to research and find out about them.

Our car is not great so this fall I would LOVE to plan a trip around the North Georgia/edges of North Carolina and South Carolina trip where we pack up the car with the tent and stuff and just go from place to place investigating them heck we’ll even be on the lookout for Bigfoot while we are out. . If you had a crazy uncle who was into this kind of thing and had equipment they left behind that you don’t need we would love to have a couple of voice recorders, EMF meters and anything else (no idea what the novice paranormal investigators have lol).

I have reached out and will reach out to some Destination America shows to see if they have any suggestions. I am also looking for any books and have asked The Gainesville Times about an insert they had a few years ago about haunted places in North Georgia.

SO if you know anything, have anything, think anything or just want to comment let us know. Thanks

Getting Behind and a new business venture.

Sorry it has been a while, I have been busy with my visitors guide marking places we would like to visit and places to stay.

I spent almost a week in the hospital and then John spent 2 days so we have had an up and down few months along with dog sitting for over 2 weeks so we were not home. I have also been trying to get my house in order and some work done around it.

Now for my exciting news! I have become an It Works independent distributor to help raise money for our trips. Here is the link to my page Mary’s It Works if you would be interested in anything or even in becoming a distributor.

We may also be going camping the end of July since a really great guy in my Facebook Campers for sale group has offered to let us use their camper when they go camping after they leave. We will probably be at Allatoona not sure of dates yet it just depends on how much we have to pay per day.

I will be working on the trip to Savannah and then to Gatlinburg (we want to spend out anniversary there in October and maybe be able to go back to Dollywood  since that is where we went on our ‘honeymoon’ a while after we were married. This year on October the 13th it will be our 33rd anniversary.

I also need to start working on one of my famous list of places to contact and things we will need. This time our two trips or one if that is all I can get done will have to be driven and they are close enough to be done in a day and not tax anyone to much. So time to get busy and work on our trips and my new business.

Test and Update

John had his annual endoscopy and ultrasound last week and we got the results today. Both test are about the same as last year so that is good. He does shake more (called liver flap where his hands flap around) and he has less energy. I hope that as it warms up and we can get out more his energy levels will go up and that he will just feel better. We are looking forward to camping and if we can afford it a trout tournament in Helen GA in March (another first for us).

We are still going to work on trips to Savannah, Chattanooga and somewhere else maybe try again for Oklahoma city it just depends on how much fund raising I can do LOL Everyone have a great week and enjoy the warmer weather.