Atlanta Falcons Game

I won tickets for us from Wrigley’s so we took the train to the game in Atlanta.


I am a bad bad blogger lol

We have been back for a while and I have been a bag blogger and let everything get in the way of catching everyone up on our trip and posting all the great pictures we made. I will start working on that today I promise. I am going to do a post for each place we visited and put the photos on them since when I uploaded them they just mixed them all up.

BIG Breath (9/18)

I have everything packed (well almost anyway)! I have all the clothes and things like that in their suitcases and now I have to put in last minute things to the carry on bags. I put our meds into bags and wrote on the front what they are how they are taken along with our names, phone numbers, DOB and allergies. SO I still have to put meds (Insulin has to stay in the fridge till ready to go), electronics and a few last minute do dads and what nots to pack.

We have decided to take a bus from Chicago to Rockford just to be safe since it will be after dark when we get there and the logistics are a little of-putting. We will take the transit train back to Chicago to save money and for the experience since it will be daylight. The bus folks said to be safe take a taxi to their pick up spot even though it is walkable. We had planned on the bus but the price (or so it seems form the how much is my fair from the online site) is not much different for that short ride.

I almost have our itinerary books done I have to write down the hour to hour schedule we have so we know where we are supposed to be when. Otherwise we have a list of places we want to go and will do that according to weather and how John feels.  Only 6 more days and I am freaking out a little my mind goes to “what if he gets sick”, “what if I get sick”. “we miss our bus”, “we get mugged” blahhhh I have to quit this!!!

I look forward to sharing with everyone (Facebook FINALLY gave me live so we are good) and posting lots of pictures, reviews and places to visit.


Schedule as of Today (9/10)

September 24th 

  • Leave Atlanta GA on Megabus at 6am
  • Arrive in Chicago IL at 7:30 pm
  • Leave Chicago IL on either the shuttle, train or picked up (not sure yet about this)
  • Arrive at Miles and Christy’s house in Rockford IL YEAHHHH (I get to hug my baby)

September 24th – October 1st

  • Time with Miles and Christy I will add things as we get them planned since I don’t know what days they will be off to plan yet.
  • Eat at Beefaroos*

October 1st

  • Leave for Chicago IL (shuttle, train, not sure yet)
  • Arrive in Chicago IL (drop off our luggage at hotel till check in time)
  • Check in The Congress Plaza Hotel at 3:00 pm and relax for a bit before seeing some sights*

October 2nd

October 3rd

  • Check out of The Congress at 12:00 am (leave luggage till time for the bus)
  • Sight see
  • Groupon found for restaurant by the new bus stop Polk Street Pub to eat and wait for the bus
  • Be at bus stop by 11:30 pm to leave at 11:59 pm

October 4th

  • Arrive in Nashville TN at 10:10 am (go to the hotel and leave luggage till check in)
  • Check in at the Courtyard Marriott at 4:00 pm then rest for a while *
  • Sight see and eat depending on what we plan later and any discounts*

October 5th

October 6th

October 7th

October 8th

  • Leave Nashville TN at 10:10 am
  • Arrive in Atlanta GA at 3:55 pm

* Meals provided by restaurant, tickets by company and Backstage pass by the visitors bureau,  Sky Deck passes donated by Sky Deck, and discounts by The Congress Plaza Hotel and The Marriott Courtyard Downtown Nashville.