Rockford IL. (2016)


I have ordered visitors guides and maps for all the states we will be visiting, can’t wait to start really looking for places to stay, transportation routes and things to do. Feel free to offer advice, do’s and do not’s, and if you have connections to help with places to stay/things to do or eat let us know. Thanks!

We will be staying with our son and his girlfriend in Rockford but if you have connections to fun things to do or great discounts it would be fun to be able to take them out or do something fun with them. By the time we visit it will have been over 9 months since we have seen our “baby” boy.

We will probably take a bus from the Megabus drop off in Chicago or if we can talk them into it we might take the train and them come get us! This would be so much fun (I think lol) we have never been on a train.

Klehm Gardens

Rockford City Market

Burpee Museum /   (They have dino bones!!! I have always wanted to see a dinosaur)

River Tour of Rockford (city park)

Trolley Tour of Rockford (city park)

Rockford Brewing Co. (lunch or dinner on the dock and tour)  (we want to visit here and take Miles and Christy our to lunch)


We have our first official dinner planned for our visit at Beefaroo thanks to their management and the menu looks AMAZING! Beefaroo-Logo-Lime