Transplant News!

January 2018, a new year and new news we got at John’s last appointment with his Gastro. He will continue to treat John but the chance of a transplant is just not going to happen. He talked with us and between his age now (going on 66) and his other health issues and how much the liver disease has run him down that his body just would not hold up for the surgery. He has done pretty well over the last year with a few hard bouts with the HE (high ammonia levels) and sinus problems and a cold he has now so we just keep treating the HE, no beef (he did pitch a fit saying for a while since no transplant he could have it but I put my foot down) it makes his ammonia levels go sky high.

We will just keep doing what we have been doing, trying to get some traveling done and hopefully get the house put back together and fixed after so many things fell apart.



(2016) We got a call yesterday from the scheduling lady at Emory Healthcare for John to be seen by the transplant doctor and we will talk about if he is a candidate for a liver transplant or not. John’s appointment is March 18th at 8am for labs then 9am to speak with the doctor. Now I am working on insurance and finding out what they will and won’t do so we will be ready if needed.

Here is where we will be going on the 18th Emory Hospital and the transplant clinic if you would like to read more about what John will be going through.

I just made reservations at the Mason Guest House for transplant patients close to Emory. John does NOT like to drive in Atlanta so this way we can get there between rush hours and take the shuttle to the hospital in the morning. They also have a kitchen so we can bring something for dinner to save money.

The appointment went well (after we found our way BOY has that area changed) and his doctor is very nice. After 22 viles of blood and all the test they scored him a 12 on the MELD scale and at Emory they don’t do a transplant till it gets to 15 or 16. She explained to us that the complications and life changing surgery was not done till there was no choice that usually under a 15 the problems outweighed the ones you had. He had his MRI on the 23rd and still waiting on the results of that. He will continue to be monitored by Dr. K and come back to Emory every 6 months for the blood test and MRI till it gets to 15 or until Dr. K thinks he needs to go back it is is between times.

We finally heard back from the MRI, it was about what we expected the cirrhosis, enlarged spleen, and some other things but nothing they really did not expect so back in 6 months for another scan when they do the new blood work unless something changes.